About Communities In Schools of Memphis

The mission of Communities In Schools of Memphis (CISM) is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. The vision of CIS of Memphis is to strengthen our communities by addressing non-academic barriers to ensure schools have equitable access to services and interventions, empowering students to graduate from high school prepared for post-secondary opportunities. The organization's core values are passion, diversity, innovation, community and integrity.

At CISM, we are “all-in” for kids. It is our passion - it is our mission. At CISM, we partner with Shelby County Schools and the Achievement School District, to provide resources and create communities of caring adults who work hand-in-hand with educators to make sure young people have the tools they need to stay in school and achieve in life.

Through the implementation of our evidence based model of Integrated Student Supports, this school year we expect to connect approximately 8,400 students in 16 schools to targeted interventions and services by bringing community resources into schools thus mitigating and eliminating non-academic barriers to student achievement. CISM embeds full-time Student Support Specialists in schools to individually case manage students as well as connect the whole school to services. We achieve this mission by hiring bright, creative, and innovative team members who have a passion for what we do. Going forward, the organization is preparing to deepen its reach and impact and to thrive amid a resulting period of significant organizational growth.

At CISM, we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer for the benefit of our employees and community. Being smart and good at what you do is all that matters.

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